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BioTwin mission is:

Improving Health Saving Lives

BioTwin’s mission is to improve health and save lives. We believe in oneself taking full ownership of its health and we want to create a positive global impact. To achieve our goal, we will empower health professionals with data-driven and technological solutions to help them make better decisions and recommendations.

Together, we are advancing personalized medicine to

Help health professional reduce the number of diagnostic errors

Erase “it was detected too late” from our vocabulary

Help individuals better reach their health and fitness goals

Reduce cost and pressure in the healthcare system

Improve global health and save the lives that can be saved

Real Innovation By Real Innovators

Who are we?

About Biotwin

Dedicated Experts

BioTwin delivers actionable innovations that can generate real impacts. We bring together a multicultural team (8+ nationalities, 6+ languages) of meticulous data scientist, dedicated experts in biology and consumer-centric business innovators to tackle the most important challenges in wellness and healthcare.

Sharing A Common Vision

BioTwin brings together collaborators and investors who share a common vision to have a positive impact by working together and thinking differently about solutions to the current challenges in the healthcare sector.

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