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BioTwin's mission is:

Improving Health Saving Lives

Health professionals often make diagnostics and recommendations based on incomplete and imprecise information about their patients’ health.
The lack of prevention results in
75% of healthcare spending on people with preventable chronic conditions
Late diagnostic which can decrease up to 90% chance of survival
Daily Diagnostic errors for 1 in every 6 doctors 
This is a missed opportunity to:
Save lives and improve health
Be proactive rather than reactive
Avoid diagnostic errors and inappropriate treatment
Save money and lower treatment cost
Decrease stress and sadness

Detection + Prediction = Prevention

How does it work?

Digital Twin Technology

Leveraging its unique patent pending digital twin technology, BioTwin AI-Powered Personalized Preventive Health Solution aims to detect and predict changes in the health conditions of patient, to offer a real opportunity for better prevention and personalized medicine.
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Empowering Health Professionals

BioTwin presents a unique, recurrent and comprehensive view of a patient’s health. It is focused on affordable and continuous monitoring, aiming to improve health and save lives by applying AI to biology. Through faster and more effective detection and prediction, health professionals could prevent undesirable outcomes, optimize health performance and improve diagnostic accuracy and timing.
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