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BioTwin introduces its new advisory and academic committee

Press Release | 05/27/2021
Québec, May, 25 2021 – BioTwin, a Quebec-based human health biotechnology company, is proud to introduce its new advisory and academic committee. The company’s mission is to surround itself with members with experience in various fields. The company is proud to be receiving their expert guidance on its ongoing developments in artificial intelligence.  
In accordance with BioTwin’s mission, this team of innovators will facilitate growth of the company through their commitment to the pursuit of innovation of our biotechnologies in artificial intelligence in preventive health care. INTRODUCTION OF THE MEMBERS OF THE ADVISORY COMMITTEE: Andy Sheldon, advisor – business Andy Sheldon, chairman of the Board of IMV, has over thirty years of experience in the pharmaceutical industry. He stands out for his participation in the creation of a therapeutic vaccine against bladder cancer. Henry Saumier, advisor – business Professional in the pharmaceutical industry in Canada, Henry Saumier is proficient in strategic planning, business development, international marketing and management of executive teams. Keven O’Brien, advisor – business & finances Keven O’Brien, president of WW Canada, will bring exceptional management and strategic consulting experience. Benoit Cyr, advisor – business Executive Chairman of Feldan, and an angel investor with Anges Québec among others, Mr. Cyr is a researcher as well as an investor specializing in start-up companies in the biotechnology sector. Henrick Simard, advisor – business law Henrick Simard, partner in the Corporate and Commercial Law group of Fasken, has expertise enabling him to support companies in their growth. Claude Doré, advisor – finances With over 20 years of experience in the financial field, Mr. Doré has in-depth knowledge of the challenges that high-growth technology companies can face. Dr. Julien Martel, advisor – healthcare & business Emergency Doctor in Montreal CHUM, Dr. Martel brings together technical and clinical knowledge, which leads him to an interest in artificial intelligence. Dr. Yves Fradet, advisor – healthcare & business A urologist specializing in oncology-urology and tumor immunology, Dr. Fradet founded the Uro-oncology Laboratory at the Cancer Research Center of Université Laval. INTRODUCTION OF THE MEMBERS OF THE ACADEMIC COMMITTEE: André Tchernoff, advisor – Nutrition  Professor at Université Laval’s School of Nutrition, Dr. Tchernoff conducts research on the biology of human adipose tissue, metabolism and response to bariatric surgery. Arnaud Droit, advisor – Bio-informatic In addition to being a professor and researcher, Mr. Droit is also a member of the board of directors of the Center for Big Data Research at Université Laval. Richard Sherwood, advisor – Genetic With a PhD in Cellular and Molecular Biology from Harvard, Dr. Sherwood is working on developing methods to predict genome function and determine the fate of stem cells. To learn more about the members of the advisory committee: About BioTwin BioTwin empowers health professionals with an AI-powered preventive healthcare platform that helps them detect and predict changes in the health conditions of their patients. The platform combines a large amount of health data to create “health digital twins” of the patients providing a unique holistic view of the evolution of their health. More information at Contact  
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