BioTwin is proud to be supported by MaRS Venture Services. - BioTwin | BioTwin

BioTwin is proud to be supported by MaRS Venture Services.

Press Release | 05/19/2021
Québec City , May, the 4th 2021 –   BioTwin has been accepted into the Growth Services portfolio at Toronto-based Innovation Hub MaRS Discovery District. MaRS Growth Services provides a network of experts in various fields including digital health, venture capital and talent recruitment to high potential companies. Being part of a hub of this magnitude in the dynamic, innovation-driven city of Toronto will allow BioTwin to grow while receiving expert advice
An essential network to establish itself across Canada  As a company supported by MaRS Growth Services, BioTwin will have access to advice, research, connections with talent and most importantly, a network of over 1000 forward-looking companies, which will allow BioTwin to develop partnerships and gain exposure to companies focused on digital health. Steadfast in the goal of improving the health and well-being of people, BioTwin aims to set up pilot projects throughout Canada, with the objective of integrating into the health market within 2 years. Quotes  « This connection with MaRS is essential for BioTwin. Our team develops innovations that have the potential to have a big impact on the wellness and health sector. Surrounding yourself with experts is the key to success in entrepreneurship. MaRS has excellent resources for BioTwin’s international development »

Louis-Philippe Noël, co-founder and CEO, BioTwin

For more information about MaRS, click below: About BioTwin  BioTwin empowers health professionals with an AI-powered preventive healthcare platform that helps them detect and predict changes in the health conditions of their patients. The platform combines a large amount of health data to create “health digital twins” of the patients providing a unique holistic view of the evolution of their health. More information at  Contact
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