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Canada’s first biotech dedicated to digital twins in wellness and health celebrates its official launch

Press Release | 11/15/2021

Quebec City, November 15, 2021 – Last Friday, BioTwin celebrated its official launch, after less than two years of dedicated work from its team. November 12th, the day the Quebec-based biotech celebrated its launch, was also reserved for the company’s advisory boards’ meetings. Comprised of a scientific and a business board, the meetings allowed Louis-Philippe Noël, co-founder and CEO of BioTwin, to question his advisors on the company’s various projects, both current and future.  

Board Meetings

BioTwin’s scientific board met for the first time last Friday morning, which brought together scientists from prominent institutions in North America. Dr. Arnaud Droit and Dr. Benoit Gosselin from Laval University, Dr. André Tchernof from INAF (Institute for Nutrition and Functional Foods), Dr. Richard Sherwood from Harvard Medical School, Dr. Yue Li from McGill University, Dr. Dajana Vuckovic from Concordia University and Dr. Tao Huan from the University of British Columbia were gathered to discuss various issues assembled by the biotech’s team.

The business board met for the second time on the afternoon of November 12th. This board includes Mr. Andy Sheldon former CEO of Medicago, Mr. Neil D’Cruz former VP Business Development of Dynacare, Dr. Yves Fradet former CEO of Diagnocure, Mr. Henry Saumier former CEO of BironLab, Mr. Kevin O’Brien President of WW Canada, Mr. Benoit Cyr President of Feldan Bio, Dr. Julien Martel data scientist and Mr. Henrick Simard partner at Fasken. This meeting allowed Mr. Noël to clarify some questions raised by his team.

Launch Celebration

BioTwin celebrated its official launch last Friday evening. The objective of the event was to celebrate the collective efforts of the startup’s team: they succeeded in demonstrating that it is possible to create a digital twin powered by artificial intelligence from, among other things, biological samples and biometric data. Family, friends, and partners of the young company’s team were present at the Salle des Promotions on November 12th to raise a glass to BioTwin’s success.

Being restricted by the COVID-19 measures still in place in the region, the occasion was of short duration, from 5:30 to 8:30 p.m. only. Cocktails and speeches were shared, where Mr. Noël and Mr. Sheldon expressed their pride and motivations for the young company. At the end of his impassioned speech, Mr. Noël invited the room to give a first blood sample to start the creation of their digital twin. More than half of the people present lined up to join the innovative project.

About BioTwin

BioTwin harnesses AI, biomarkers, and biometrics to create a virtual human copy. These digital twins allow early detection & prediction of diseases and innumerable simulations. Through a “toolbox” ecosystem, this technology will revolutionize the wellness & healthcare fields by making personalized & preventive medicine a reality.


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