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BioTwin’s Cancer Research Project


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This research project focuses on the application of digital twin technology in the optimization of early-stage cancer detection. This project aims to generate personalized digital twins to better understand the development of cancer. Through this pilot project, BioTwin aims to:


– The creation of a personalized digital twin for each participant.

– The follow-up of the participants over time and see the evolution of the associated biological markers.


This research project will also track participants’ dietary habits, exercise, and physical activity as well as perception of cancer-related stress and other elements. Participants will be asked to submit biometric data and to self-collect a few drops of blood, urine, and saliva at home. The frequency of this collection is completely voluntary but may also be determined by the participant’s service goals and wish list. All data collected from users will be kept confidential and securely stored.


BioTwin invites highly motivated individuals to take part in its research project and thus contribute to the advancement of science against this disease.


Each participant will receive a $250 starter kit including a TwinMe biometric bracelet (smartwatch) and a TwinMe bioimpedance scale. Plus get their own personalized digital twin for free.


Whether you are a loved one, undergoing treatment, in remission, at risk of developing this disease you are eligible for this project.


To participate, participants must be willing to make a 3-6 month commitment.


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The TwinMe biometric bracelet can monitor the following parameters: ECG detection, blood pressure, heart rate, sleep, SpO2, respiratory rate and body temperature


The TwinMe bioimpedance scale monitors the following parameters: Body weight, BMI, body fat percentage, muscle extent, body water percentage, visceral fat, bone mass, basal metabolic rate, protein level, degree of obesity, body age and fat-free weight.


TwinMe is powered by and through BioTwin


IMPORTANT NOTES: BioTwin is looking for volunteers to participate in the advancement of science for this research project. The purpose of this phase is to set up a waiting list. In the interest of efficiency and simplicity, following your registration, you will be contacted only when the pre-launch phase is finalized. Thank you for your understanding.


Please note that by answering the above questionnaire, you agree to BioTwin’s privacy policy regarding your data. For more information, please visit the “Privacy Policy” section of BioTwin’s website.


Updated on 26/04

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