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Ethical Policy

Last Update: March, 3rd, 2021 Hello there! We are BioTwin (“BioTwin”, “we”, “us” or “our”).   BioTwin holds itself to the highest standards of ethics. We understands the power of AI, but most importantly, we understand the significance of health data. We consider health data to be the most personal type of data there is, and for this reason, we hold ourselves accountable to very strict data management policies following 6 guiding principles.  
  • Mission-Driven Our mission is to empower health professional to save more lives and improve the quality of life of their patients driven by this mission. We act with great care and purpose and work together with partners to deliver solutions that benefit patients.
  • Always Anonymous We believe not knowing who the health data belong to is the best form of privacy. Our business model and collaborations are designed so health data always remain anonymous. We treat the data internally using proprietary methodologies and only the insights coming from the transformed reaches your service providers.
  • Fully Accountable We are responsible of our platform, our solutions and your data. If we use third party solutions or services, or collaborate with partners, we make sur there are no grey areas so we always know who is in charge.
  • Security-First Our platform is built and tested to prevent possible misuse and to insure the highest level of security.
  • Transparent for All We aim for transparency by making our processes and operations clear and easy to understand as possible for partners, customers, end-users and other stakeholders. We follow industry best practices.
  • FairnessWe believe in fairness in gender diversity and racial equality and understand the challenges that comes in order to achieve it. Fairness is applied through the selection of dataset and algorithms and bias are corrected as soon as detected.
If you have any questions regarding our ethical policy, do not hesitate to reach out to us, we are here to help! You can e-mail us at  
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