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IBM & Village Capital Selects BioTwin for IBM Hyper Protect Accelerator

Press Release | 09/15/2021

Quebec City, September 15, 2021 – BioTwin was chosen out of more than 500 applicants to be part of the IBM Hyper Protect Accelerator. This program is an investment-readiness and technical mentorship program, run in partnership with Village Capital and IBM. The program supports impact-focused startups leveraging highly sensitive data to improve the quality of and access to digital, financial, and healthcare services.

Elaborate Selection Process

Village Capital and IBM identified, vetted, and recruited 15 companies using highly sensitive data to increase the access to digital, financial, and healthcare solutions. More than 500 applications were received, which led to 250 interviews, out of which the lucky fifteen were carefully chosen.

Data Protection, Privacy, and Security

Ensuring the anonymity of the end user throughout the entirety of its operations, BioTwin is constantly searching for ways to improve data protection, privacy, and security. As the creation of human digital twins often requires sensitive information, anonymization and data protection are of the utmost importance. The IBM Hyper Protect Accelerator will assist BioTwin in the implementation of even more secure infrastructures and help guide the company considering today’s increasing risks and regulations.


“I am thrilled that BioTwin has once again been chosen to partake in a technology-focused accelerator, especially considering the number of qualified applicants. Maintaining anonymity, while it is a priority for BioTwin, is also a significant challenge that will be facilitated thanks to IBM and Village Capital within the Hyper Protect Accelerator context.”

Louis-Philippe NOEL, General Manager and Co-Founder at BioTwin

“I’ve always been fascinated by people creating synthetic data or duplicating data so they can run tests on it. BioTwin is trying to make a digital twin using AI and biomarkers to create a virtual human twin which helps allow early detection and prediction of diseases. It’s just revolutionary: I think its really really fascinating.”

Ben YOUNKMAN, Regional Director, Europe at Village Capital

About BioTwin

BioTwin harnesses AI, biomarkers, and biometrics to create a virtual human copy. These digital twins allow early detection and prediction of diseases and innumerable simulations. This technology will revolutionize the fields of wellness and healthcare by making personalized medicine a reality.



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