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BioTwin and Dr. Arnaud Droit from CHU de Québec join forces

Press Release | 01/15/2021
Quebec, January 15, 2021  — BioTwin, and Dr. Arnaud Droit from CHU de Québec – Laval University join forces to develop machine learning method to identify biomarkers. This collaboration will bring BioTwin a step closer to its goal to combine various health data to create a “digital twin” to better detect, predict and prevent health conditions, while helping to advance academic research in the proteomic field.
BioTwin has recently completed a first proof of concept of its preventive healthcare platform and has established collaborations with wellness organizations to apply its technology to sport performance optimization. While the company has done significant progress in the last year, the collaboration with Dr.Droit’s team at Laval University will greatly increase the potential and precision of its platform.   The team who has a well-known expertise in proteomics data acquisition and mass spectrometry signal treatment by machine learning will increase the identification of biomarkers by matching protein information to highlight biological pathways and propose a complete multi-omics solution to our partners. “This type of collaboration between an private sector innovation and public sector research team creates a lot of synergy and value for both sides” said William Redmond, Lead Data Scientist at BioTwin. “This collaboration is very welcomed by the BioTwin data science team as it will help us leverage existing research and technologies to make our platform more precise and more reliable”. “BioTwin’s digital twin approach applied to human health is very innovative and we are very happy to be able to contribute. Our research in the proteomic sector has made great advancement in the past year and we are thrilled to the opportunity to apply those in solutions that will impact health of patients” said Dr. Droit, Professor at Laval University and Research Center Lead. About BioTwin BioTwin empowers health professionals with an AI-powered preventive healthcare platform that helps them detect and predict changes in the health conditions of their patients. The platform combines a large amount of health data to create “health digital twins” of the patients providing a unique holistic view of the evolution of their health.  By leveraging this platform, BioTwin develop commercial personalized medicine services that can improve health and save lives of millions of patients.   More information can be found at
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