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BioTwin joins Microsoft for Startups

Press Release | 09/03/2020
Quebec, September 3, 2020  — BioTwin, a AI-powered preventive health platform, announces it has been invited to join Microsoft for Startups, a global program that helps B2B startups successfully scale. As a member in the program, BioTwin will gain access to powerful technology including Microsoft Azureand GitHub Enterprise coupled with a streamlined path to selling alongside Microsoft and its global partner ecosystem.
BioTwin’s participation in the program and collaboration with Microsoft will help to reach wellness and healthcare companies and professionals across Canada and USA so they can partner to benefit from the potential of its preventive health platform. BioTwin is developing an artificial intelligence (AI) platform that presents a unique, recurrent and holistic view of a patient’s health. It is focused on holistic and continuous monitoring, aiming to optimize sport performance and improve diagnostic accuracy and timing. BioTwin is planning to complete its first proof of concept by December 2020 and to launch a pilot project with Triathlete in Q1 of 2021, aiming to help coaches to develop more personalized training plans. In first collaboration for the wellness sector, BioTwin will help to companies access to the healthcare sector in a later stage of its development. “It is a really great news for us to be joining Microsoft for Startups program,” said Louis-Philippe Noël, Co-Founder of BioTwin. “The timing of this collaboration is excellent as we continue to develop our platform and enter the commercialization phase, early next year. Given the large amount of data that we have access to and process, having access to more resources on Azure will help us expand faster.”   For more information on the Microsoft for Startups Program, please visit About BioTwin BioTwin empowers health professionals with an AI-powered preventive healthcare platform that helps them detect and predict changes in the health conditions of their patients. The platform combines a large amount of health data to create “health digital twins” of the patients providing a unique holistic view of the evolution of their health. More information can be found at
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