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BioTwin announces a CAD$ 2.5 million financing round

Press Release | 04/19/2021

Quebec City, April 8, 2021 – BioTwin, a Quebec-based biotechnology company, has just completed its pre-seed funding round. The company, with the support of private investors and various levels of government, has raised $ 2.5 million, demonstrating a strong level of confidence in its innovation: a AI platform used to detect, predict and prevent patients health various conditions. Leading this round to success, BioTwin received support from CTS, a business accelerator in the field of medical technologies.

BioTwin in brief

  • Founded in 2019, BioTwin is a biotechnology company whose team is made up of more than twenty professionals with varied expertise: data scientists, bioinformatists, chemists and engineers.
  • BioTwin’s innovation is based on a unique technology: the creation of a digital twin. This makes it possible to present a global and complete portrait of a patient’s health thanks to artificial intelligence.
  • BioTwin’s preventive health platform aims to detect and predict changes in patient health, providing better prevention, early diagnosis support and personalized medicine.
  • BioTwin’s proof of concept was done last year and is currently being deployed through various pilot projects.

A public and private synergy

BioTwin’s pre-seed round shows a strong interest in innovations and the development of start-ups in Quebec. In addition to the co-founders, funding comes from angel investors, the federal and provincial governments, as well as the City of Quebec. Thanks to CTS’s professional support, the $ 2.5M will be leveraged for to build expertise in the high technology and life sciences sector, a sector with strong growth potential. BioTwin’s committed founders, experienced investors and government organizations share their common vision to drive innovation for health.

Trusted Partners & Collaborators

While BioTwin’s technology is patent pending, the company is already working with leading researchers at Laval University and Harvard University to build its preventive health platform powered by artificial intelligence. In addition, the last few months have been marked by significant progress; BioTwin’s technology is supported by well-known and well-established companies: Microsoft, Fasken, Groupe Santé Expert and BioQuébec, to name a few.


“It is an incredible recognition to receive all this financial support from both the public and private sectors. I am convinced that the field of biotechnology, together with artificial intelligence capabilities, will advance our knowledge in the field of preventive health, and thus, will help improve and potentially save lives. ” -Louis-Philippe Noël, Chairman and CEO and Co-Founder, BioTwin   “We are proud to help ambitious entrepreneurs in the health technology industry to use effective strategies and leverage our extensive network of key industry players in order to secure funding and propel their start-ups to new heights.” -Romain Lortille Bruel, Director of Business Development, CTS Santé

About BioTwin

BioTwin provides wellness and healthcare professionals with a preventive health platform that provides a unique, comprehensive and evolutive view of a patient’s health. With faster and more efficient detection and prediction, professionals can prevent preventable diseases, improve the health of their patients, and thereby save lives.   For more information:

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