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BioTwin launches a new pilot project: digital twins applied to nutrition optimization and weight management

Press Release | 03/21/2022
Quebec City, March 21, 2022 – BioTwin announced today the launch of its pilot project which applies the digital twin technology in nutrition optimization and weight management. Partly funded through Novo Nordisk’s Digital Prevention Accelerator, this project aims to generate personalized digital twins to monitor and contribute to improving participants nutritional health and favouring a healthy weight management.
Pilot Project Overview After its pilot project in sports, BioTwin launches a new pilot as part of the company’s digital twins in wellness initiative. This time around, the pilot project is designed for the application of digital twins in nutrition optimization and healthy weight management and is possible in part due to the funding obtained through Novo Nordisk’s Digital Prevention Accelerator. The project stems from BioTwin’s sports pilot project with Rouge et Or triathlon athletes (ULaval) and the company’s joint research project on obesity with Dr. André Tchernof and the ICUPQ’s Research Centre. BioTwin’s pilot project aims to:
  • Create a personalized digital twin for each participating user;
  • Positively contribute to participants’ weight management;
  • Offer personalized nutritional insights;
  • Monitor participants’ wellness states over time and help participants achieve their wellness goals.
  Andréanne Martin and her team of registered dieticians will manage participant interactions in the project as well as lead the monitoring of nutritional habits. This pilot project will allow for the monitoring of participants’ nutritional habits, exercise and physical activity and stress perception all involved in weight management and other elements. March, being the Canadian Month of nutrition, makes this a timely project launch as it will contribute to help and encourage participants to adhere to or maintain healthy eating habits. How to Participate to the Project BioTwin is inviting highly motivated individuals to take part in its pilot project. The pilot project ends in September 2022. Spaces are limited and each participant will receive a $250 starter kit that includes a biometric bracelet (smartwatch) and a bioimpedance scale. In addition to getting your own personalized digital twin for free, personalized nutrition counseling can be obtained at a very low cost. To participate in the pilot project, participants must be willing to commit for a 3 to 6-month period. Interested individuals may refer to for more details on the project or to submit their application to become a participant. Individuals wishing to participate in future BioTwin projects or interested in getting their own digital twin may also submit their application. Novo Nordisk Digital Prevention Accelerator Novo Nordisk is a leading global healthcare company with the purpose of driving change to defeat diabetes, obesity, and other serious chronic diseases. Through their Prevention Accelerator, Novo Nordisk selected and supported two start-ups developing digital solutions to further develop their products which will enable individuals and/or societies to predict and/or prevent obesity. Andréanne Martin, Registered Dietician Andréanne Martin is a dietician nutritionist and a visionary leader in gut microbiota in the Quebec. Speaker and best-selling author, she has been passionate about the immense power of the infinitely small since she was a child. As a scientist and public figure, she is a brand in herself, known for her ability to vulgarize. IUCPQ & its researchers The IUCPQ’s mission is to provide health care for people with cardiovascular, respiratory, and obesity-related diseases. Annually, 13,757 people are hospitalized, and 115,654 visits are made in ambulatory mode for 41,670 users. The catchment area covers more than two million people, or about 30% of the province of Quebec’s population. Affiliated with Laval University, the institution relies on the collaboration and dedication of 3,500 employees, physicians, professionals, researchers, managers, and volunteers to provide quality care and services to both inpatient and outpatient clients. The Institute offers specialized and ultra-specialized care and services for the treatment of cardiovascular, respiratory, and obesity-related diseases. The Institute’s physicians and health care professionals have extensive expertise and contribute to the advancement of medical science. The Institute’s mission is also to evaluate technologies and health interventions. The Institute’s Research Centre is internationally recognized for the quality of its research. The Quebec Research Centre of the Cardiology and Pneumology University Institute – Laval University’s vision  is to be a key international player in the fight against societal chronic diseases thanks to its integrated research model in cardiology, lung disease and obesity-metabolism. The Research Centre has 177 researchers and physician investigators, many of whom are recognized as leaders in their fields. These internationally renowned researchers are among the most productive in Quebec. In addition, the perfect alignment of the research axes with the Institute’s specializations ensures a synergy between clinicians and researchers, thus allowing a rapid transfer of knowledge to care. Dr. André Tchernof is one of many renowned researchers working at the Research Centre. Dr. Tchernof’s research interests are in the areas of steroid hormones, human metabolism, menopausal transition in women, physiology of adipose tissue and adipocytes, abdominal obesity, and associated metabolic complications. Dr. Tchernof is also part of BioTwin’s scientific board, which aims to regroup experts in various fields to brainstorm and offer varied inputs to guide the company’s development. Dr. Tchernof is also a member of BioTwin’s Scientific Committee, which aims to bring together experts in various fields to consult and provide diverse input to guide the ongoing development of the company. Dr. Philippe Pibarot is also one of the many renowned researchers at the IUCPQ. The research projects conducted by Dr. Pibarot and his team aim to elucidate the mechanisms governing heart valve diseases and to design new pharmacological, surgical or percutaneous approaches to improve the treatment of these diseases. Dr. Pibarot was introduced to BioTwin through Quantino, a high-tech incubator that hosts BioTwin as an incubatee since 2021. INAF (Institute of Nutrition and Functional Foods) The Institute of Nutrition and Functional Foods (INAF) is the largest group of researchers in Canada dedicated to research and innovation in the field of food and health. Nearly 775 scientists work in synergy to find solutions to the complex issues of sustainable food for the benefit of a healthy bio-food sector, population, and planet. About BioTwin BioTwin harnesses AI, biomarkers, and biometrics to create a virtual human copy. These digital twins will allow early detection and prediction of diseases and innumerable simulations. This technology will revolutionize the fields of wellness and healthcare by making personalized and preventive medicine a reality.
  For more information on BioTwin   For more information on l’IUCPQ-ULaval Joël Clément, M.A. communications Senior Advisor, Public, Media and Corporate Relations Human Resources and Communications Branch Institut universitaire de cardiologie et de pneumologie de Québec – Université Laval
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