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Virtual Model Of The Real World

A digital twin is commonly defined as a virtual replica of a physical device, product or service used across industries to successfully detect and predict variance before it occurs.
This innovative technology learns from historical data, and current data to generate future information. For example, it is used to monitor wind turbines and airplanes to help engineers detecting malfunctions in real-time and test new features.

Adapted To Human Health

There are 4 main factors influencing the health of an individual: genetics, environment, nutrition and lifestyle. By exploiting cutting-edge technologies, such as artificial intelligence, gene editing, and multi-omics analysis approach, BioTwin monitors health data associated with all these factors to create digital health twins.

Offering A Unique View Of Health

Digital health twins could one day present a unique, continuous and complete view of a patient’s health, which will provide several informative and health benefits, such as:
  • Health/sport performance optimization
  • Nutrition and diet personalization
  • Disease early diagnostic aid
  • Drug compatibility
  • Treatment impact monitoring
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