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BioTwin’s Nutrition Optimization and Weight Management Pilot Project

This pilot project, partially funded through Novo Nordisk’s Digital Prevention Accelerator, focuses on the application of digital twin technology in nutrition optimization and health weight management. This project aims to generate personalized digital twins to monitor and contribute to improving participants nutritional health and favouring a healthy weight management. Through this pilot project, BioTwin aims to:


– Create a personalized digital twin for each participating user;

– Monitor participants’ wellness states over time and help participants achieve their wellness goals;

– Positively contribute to participants’ weight management;

– Offer personalized nutritional insights.


Andréanne Martin and her team of registered dieticians will manage participant interactions in the project as well as lead the monitoring of nutritional habits.


This pilot project will be conducted in parallel to BioTwin’s obesity research project, where the company is partnering with Dr. André Tchernof from the Quebec Research Centre of the Cardiology and Pneumology University Institute – Laval University and in collaboration with INAF (the Institute of Nutrition and Functional Foods).


This pilot project will allow for the monitoring of participants’ nutritional habits, exercise and physical activity and stress perception related to weight management and other elements. To do so, participants will need to submit biometric data and perform home-based, self-collection of a few blood, urine and saliva drops. The frequency of this collection will be determined by the participant’s goals and service wish-list. All collected user data will remain confidential and be stored securely.


BioTwin is inviting highly motivated individuals to take part in its pilot project. The pilot project ends in September 2022. Spaces are limited and each participant will receive a $250 starter kit that includes a TwinMe biometric bracelet (smartwatch) and a TwinMe bioimpedance scale. In addition to getting your own personalized digital twin for free, personalized nutrition counseling can be obtained at a very low cost. To participate in the pilot project, participants must be willing to commit for a 3 to 6-month period.


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The TwinMe biometric bracelet provides monitoring for the following metrics: ECG detection, Blood Pressure, Heart  Rate, Sleep, SpO2, Respiratory Rate, and Body Temperature


The TwinMe bioimpedence scale provides monitoring for the following metrics: Body Weight, BMI, Body Fat Percentage, Range of Muscle, Body Water Percentage, Visceral Fat, Bone Mass, Basal Metabolism Rate, Protein Level, Obesity Degree, Body Age, and Weight Without Fat.


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